Ace Hardware Gift Cards

Ace Hardware is The Handy Place for hardware, paint, tools, electrical materials, outdoor items, automotive care supplies, and more. Each one of the things you require for home improvement projects, lawn and garden care, hand and power tools, appliances such as heaters and fans, heating and cooling, and auto cleaning, maintenance, and repair items.

If you’re looking for the ideal gift card to gift someone you loved, but nothing springs to mind, a gift card from your favourite locally owned hardware store is tough to beat. Ace Hardware gift cards can be purchased in the store in any dollar amount.

You may personalise your gift or gift card by writing a little notice and signing your name, or we will fill it out to you. If you’re giving a gift to someone from town, you may also have Ace Hardware gift cards which bought and used at any participating Ace store in the country.

Ace has services like blade sharpening, Auto Chip Key cutting, paint matching, glass repair, display repair, pipe cutting, glass cutting edge, small engine repair, as well as UPS and Postal Service. You may even rent items from Ace, too!


Ace Hardware also has useful tips on how to perform your repairs and updates yourself.

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